Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence development


AI development has been one of the most controversial domains of inquiry in computer science since it was first proposed in the 1950s.

Defined as the part of computer science concerned with designing systems that exhibit the characteristics associated with human intelligence—understanding language, learning, reasoning, solving problems, and so on, the field has attracted researchers because of its ambitious goals and enormous underlying intellectual challenges.

Arrow Technologies works to understand the workings of the human brain, his way to process information, to calculate and to reflect, so we can develop an AI capable of reproducing the humain brain way to understand and process information.

We are testing our AI in many different aspect, in some basic games to see if it sees the game the way human does, in robots to analyse and perfect his way to understand sounds, lights, shapes, color and using IR (infrared) sensor to calculate distance.

The main goal of Arrow Technologies' AI development, is to create an AI capable of programming.

It should be able to understand the client's needs, finding the fastest adn best way to do it, it would be able to change anything asked.

It would be a very powerful tool to help programmers, to optimise existing code and to correct any bugs.

Because it can learn, his appliances would be infinite.

Audacious? Yes it is, but always keep that in mind: With code, everything is possible!